Snow Train to the Rockies : FAQs

Is smoking permitted on the train and in the hotel rooms?

To ensure the preservation of the fragile environment of the areas in which we travel and for the comfort of all guests and employees, there is no smoking onboard Rocky Mountaineer. This includes the vestibules between the coaches and restroom facilities. The hotels do have limited smoking rooms available so please make sure you indicate your preference to the reservations or travel agent when you book your tour.

What wildlife will I see?

There are wonderful opportunities for viewing wildlife from the train and during your stay in the Canadian Rockies including bear, elk, deer, moose, bald eagles, osprey, salmon, mountain goats and bighorn sheep. However, "wildlife are wild" and as such, sightings are never guaranteed. If you do come into contact with animals please act responsibly, maintain a safe distance and never feed any wild animals.

Are we able to move within The Canadian?

One of the advantages of train travel is the spacious room afforded to all guests. Guests are able to move through their own coach and enjoy fresh-air vestibules. Access to the Dome Car and the Activity car allows passengers to meet one another and share their Travel Stories.