Swiss Travel Pass Flex : Details

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General information

Travelling Switzerland by train is an experience you won't forget!

Choose your personal travel route from approximately 29,000 kilometers of train, (postal) bus or boat routes. Your personal choice includes the classic scenic routes, the public transport systems of 90 Swiss cities, 50% discount on most mountain-top trains & cable cars, free entry to selected museums and other interesting discounts accorded to you by our Bonus Partners.

To start using the pass it must be validated at a European train station before your first journey.

Free Swiss Family Card
For families travelling together, the free Swiss Family Card allows children 15 years and under to travel free of charge when accompanied by a parent (including step and foster parents no limit on number of children). Excludes reservation fees.

  • Valid with all Swiss products (Swiss Travel Pass & Swiss Travel Pass Flex).
  • Excludes reservation fees.
  • Children aged 5 - 15yrs inclusive who are not members of the family qualify for a 50% reduction on all Swiss Travel System tickets.
  • Children up to 5 included: free if no reservation is required