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This is a country that is well known for its Tulips, Windmills, dikes, canals, cheese and wooden shoes otherwise known to us as clogs. Netherlands is well known for their art and rich historical heritage. You will be sure to have a truly great experience in a small country that offers so many places to be and sights to see as you meet friendly locals who know how to have fun.


Train Travel in Netherlands

The Netherlands has over 2,800 km of railway tracks. Though the network is relatively small, the connections between the main cities of Holland are excellent. The national railway operator is the Dutch Railways, also known as Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS). High speed trains operating in the Netherlands are mostly international trains. The trains include the Thalys, Eurostar and ICE. High speed trains can run at a speed of up to 300 km/h. There are railway links to neighbouring countries including Belgium, France, the UK and Germany. Travellers who visit Amsterdam, the amazing capital city of the Netherlands, can get off the high speed train at Amsterdam Central, Amsterdam Zuid or Amsterdam Schipol railway station.






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