RegioExpress Lötschberger : Onboard

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  • The RegioExpress Lotschberger offers both 1st and 2nd class seating and panoramic coaches.
  • Equipped with new seats and an attractive and exterior design.
  • Snack car onboard.


  • The journey travels along rushing mountain streams, glaciers and an alpine garden.
  • Passes through Kandersteg and Goppenstein the gateway to the Lotschen Valley.


  • Seat reservations are compulsory for train.
  • Seat reservations can only be made up to 90 days from date of travel.


PASSES COVERING THE LOTSCHBERG ROUTE (seat reservation fees are an additional charge)

The following passes require compulsory seat reservations and cover the entire journey on the Lotschberg Route:

  • Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Flex
  • Eurail Global Consecutive Pass
  • Eurail Global Flexi Pass

Sector tickets plus the compulsory seat reservation are also valid on the Lotschberger Route.