Lusitania : Onboard

Onboard Lusitania

The bar-cafeteria car offers a wide range of drinks, sandwiches and meals for purchase that are freshly prepared. The cafeteria is open until 02:00 AM and from 06:00 AM

Gran Class (gender distinction)

  • Individual compartments
  • VIP lounge access at Madrid Chamartin station
  • Free parking (24 hours for one way trip, 48 hours for round trip at Madrid Chamartin
  • Gender distinction cabins
  • Wash basin, shower and toilet
  • Inside telephone
  • Magnetic key
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • Newspaper
  • Audio and video system


  • Cabins with 1 or 2 beds (Single or Double)
  • Basin
  • Inside telephone
  • Air-conditioned
  • Audio and video system available
  • Passengers travelling in these cabins enjoy parking and club lounge services, free press and a copy of the Paisajes magazine
  • The entrance door to each compartment has a mechanical security lock with locking from the inside, and the beds measure 190 cm x 77 cm.

Second Class:


  • T4 cabins (gender compulsory)
  • Basin
  • Air-conditioned
  • Newspaper
  • Audio and video system available


  • 2nd class seat in carriage
  • Air conditioning
  • Public address loud speakers
  • Luggage area at one end and a luggage rack on both sides of the carriage
  • In Preferente class the layout is 2+1 with a total of 26 seats (20 in carriages with Super Reclining Seats)
  • In Turista class the layout is 2+2 with 36 seats. The seats are reclining, with fold down tables on the back of the seat in front, and facing the direction of travel