Paris Airport & Train Station Transfers : FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my flight is delayed?

The driver will wait up to one hour after the scheduled arrival time of your flight. After this time we will try our best to provide your transfer but cannot guarantee this will be possible.

What are your vehicles like?

Vehicles are silver, 8-seater mini-vans with the Paris Shuttle logo displayed discreetly on the sides. All vans are air-conditioned and non-smoking.

How do I know what time you will pick me up to go to the airport?

Your pick-up time will be indicated in your confirmation. We normally pick passengers up 3 hours before the scheduled flight time. However, it is important that you call before your departure to confirm that there has been no change in your pick-up address or flight time.

Where are your pick up and drop off points?

Paris Shuttle operates a door-to-door service. You will be picked up from the terminal you land in and take you to the door of your address in Paris. On departure you will be picked up from your address and dropped off at the terminal your flight leaves from.

If I am arriving by train where do I meet the driver?

For train arrivals passengers will be met by a driver holding a sign on the platform at the head of the train.

Do Paris Shuttle pick up and drop off from Private apartments and residences?

Yes Paris Shuttle services all hotels, apartments and residences in central Paris. They must be in the area code 75.